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(Sunday, March 9 2008)

Beth''s 2nd Birthday! What a big girl she is!!! She got a new playhouse complete with sink & stove, some pots & pans and lots of play food. Of course she also got lots of books and puzzles which are ...more

(Saturday, February 2 2008)

Well Beth is now almost 2!! What an amazing little girl she has become! Mummy will update soon!

(Sunday, July 1 2007)

Beth has ''noo shoo''s!'' We bought her her 1st pair of ''big girl''s shoes'' from Clarks now that she is walking!

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    Name: - Beth Katie
    Birthdate: - Thursday, March 9 2006
    Age: - 12 years, 4 months, 7 days
  • Birth Stats: Weight 6lb 6oz, Length 48cm, Head Circumference 35cm
  • 6 week stats: Weight 8lb 15oz, Length 52cm, Head circumference 37cm
  • 10 week stats: Weight 10lb 4oz
  • 14 week stats: Weight 11lb 7oz, Length 59cm, Head circumference 40.5 cm
  • 16 week stats: Weight 12lb 3oz
  • 18 week stats: Weight 12lb 13oz
  • 22 week stats: Weight 14lb 6oz
  • 26 week stats: Weight 15lb 7oz
  • 30 week stats: Weight 16lb 6oz
  • 32 week stats: Weight 17lb, Length 69cm
  • 36 week stats: Weight 17lb 10oz
  • 40 week stats: Weight 17lb 10oz
  • 45 week stats: Weight 18lb 5oz
  • 12.5 months stats: Weight 19lb 9oz, Length 77cm

Guestbook Entries

sarahg (ff) (Friday, March 9 2007)

Just wanted to wish Beth a HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY. Hope your all having fun on this special day, i cant believe she''s one!

Jemma (tequilamonky off FF) (Thursday, October 12 2006)

Such a beautiful girl. I love the shot of her in the big jumper, who made it for her?

Jo and Jamie (Monday, July 24 2006)

Hi guys, It was great to see you all the other weekend and to finally meet Beth. She is lovely, just like her mum and dad! I hope everything goes well with her hip. Speak to you soon, Jo ...more

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